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With my Dad
Abhilash Panigrahi— Founder

The Founder's Story

My parents are both teachers. I have seen them educating thousands of people. Their profession has a direct impact on me. I do enjoy teaching. Probably helping someone to understand gives me tremendous satisfaction.

I am not here for a money-making business. I work as a software developer which helps to earn my bread and butter. I am here to help people during their initial struggle to becoming a software developer/engineer. I have seen that struggle and experienced it. It’s time to give that experience back to the society.

I am not a pro, I am still learning and improving with you. Thank you for choosing Selenium Express.


Meet Our Instructors

Its been years we are working in IT. We came across different tools and technologies. We have handled different challenges, situations, and scenarios. At Selenium Express, We don't teach, We just pass that experience.

Abhilash Panigrahi

I am a full-stack Software Developer having 5+ years of Industry and freelancing experience.

Ashish Barik

I am a backend developer having 5+ years of Industry experience.


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What Our Students Have to Say

I am following your tutorial series from starting.. I never come across like an excellent teacher like you.. Thank you very much for your excellent presentation and great effort.. God bless you 🙏
Aswathi Ashok
Spring MVC Intermediate
Really loving these videos. I've been able to understand concepts I was struggling with for the longest time.
Sebastian D'Arena
Spring Core
I am a 39 years old programmer , i got cluster clarity and perspective about spring core.

avatar 1
Sajeev vasudevan
I have seen a few tutorials on Youtube, Udemy etc. So far this is the best lecture. The pace of progress is just right. The way things are shown by replacing one tag with other as the subject progresses is excellent. Keep up the good work bro..!!!
Ramanathan S.P.

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