Core Java Foundation


New to Java? No worries. We have this course for you. We have designed this course for complete beginners, where we will walk you through a step-by-step learning process. You do not need any prior experience in any programming language to take this course. Whether you are a techie or non-techie, We will help you to connect the missing dots during your learning process.

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Trainer: Abhilash/Ramesh/Praveen
Course Prerequisite:
No prerequisite. You should have a computer to practice. That’s it !!

Course Highlights

Getting Started with Java.
Code in java: Hands-on
String Manipulation
Wrapper Class
Collection Framework
IO Streams
Inner Class
Exception Handling
Java Annotation

Java Best Practices
Quizzes and Coding challenges
Interview Guidance
Important Design Pattern walkthrough


Note: As this is not a recorded course, You can ask questions directly to your trainer. You always have an option to discuss your issues/Questions with your assigned trainer, one-to-one. Happy Learning !!

All sessions will happen live on skype/Zoom/Google Meet.
Once enrolled, we will allocate you a slot in 5-7 days.
For inquiries, please write to us at