Java Live Project


Creating a project and getting it up and running on a live server is the best way to master a programming language. As a Java developer, we learn a lot of technologies. With this course, you will learn to club them together by building a real-time web app. This course is best recommended for freshers or anybody new to java frameworks like spring/hibernate.

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Trainers : Abhilash, Ashish

Technologies: Java, JSP, Servlet, Thymleaf, JavaScript, MYSQL

Framework: Spring, Hibernate

Tools: GIT, Maven, Junit, Mackito, STS, Log4J

Course Highlights:

  1. Wireframe creation
  2. Creating App architecture.
  3. Class level digram (UML/PDF).
  4. Database design.
  5. Folder Structure design.
  6. Hands-on real-time tools
  7. App development
  8. Dedicated sessions on Debugging
  9. Unit Testing
  10. Building Process
  11. Deploying app on a Live Server(AWS)

Course Goal: This course will help you to get comfortable with java technologies and related frameworks. After completion of this course, you will feel comfortable working at your job. We highly recommend this to freshers and to those who are new to java technologies.

Prerequisite: We do not recommend this course for absolute beginners. A student should have an understanding of Core Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate to get started with this course.


Note: As this is not a recorded course, You can ask questions directly to your trainer. You always have an option to discuss your issues/Questions with your assigned trainer, one-to-one. Happy Learning !!

All sessions will happen live on skype/Zoom/Google Meet.
Once enrolled, we will allocate you a slot in 5-7 days.
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