Java Web Development


This course is an introduction to J2EE. You will master Servlet, JSP and, learn them from scratch. By the end of this course, We will understand all the J2EE fundamentals and the internals that will help you to be a batter java developer. Note that before learning frameworks like Struts, Spring; It is important to understand the core J2EE concepts.

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Trainer: Abhilash
Course Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Course Content :
1.Introduction to Servlets
2.Building and Deploying WAR
3.Building Dynamic websites using servlet API
4.Handling Forms

Advanced J2EE Concepts
6.Handling Cookies
7.Handling Sessions
8.Servlet Security
9.Servlet Annotations
10.Servlet Filters
11.JSP Deep Dive
12. Using JSTL
13. Web Sockets


Note: As this is not a recorded course, You can ask questions directly to your trainer. You always have an option to discuss your issues/Questions with your assigned trainer, one-to-one. Happy Learning !!

All sessions will happen live on skype/Zoom/Google Meet.
Once enrolled, we will allocate you a slot in 5-7 days.
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