This course will help you to get started with Hibernate. We will walk you through various hibernate concepts and, you will learn to use ORM in real-time.

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Trainer : Abhilash / Ashish

Course Highlights :

Hibernate Overview.

Setting Up the Environment.

Annotation and XML Configuration
Hibernate CRUD.
important API methods

Hibernate Relationships :
One to one mapping
One to many mapping
many to many mapping

Caching In hibernate
Inheritance in hibernate

Advanced Hibernate
Spring Data JPA with hibernate (Basics)

Integrating Hibernate and Spring
Spring Hibernate Demo App CRUD
Transaction Management
Interview Questions and Answers.

Note: As this is not a recorded course, You can ask questions directly to your trainer. You alwayes have an option to discuss your issues/Questions with your assigned trainer, one-to-one. Happy Learning !!

All sessions will happen live on skype/Zoom/Google Meet.
Once enrolled, we will allocate you a slot in 5-7 days.
For inquiries, please write to us at info@seleniumexpress.com.